KUBA AGENDA for Wednesday Feb 10, 2021:

Board Discussion:
8:00 AM: Call to Order, Approve Minutes from JanuaryPresident’s Report (Gaston)  

8:05 AM: Treasurer’s Report (Potter)         

8:10 AM: Membership Update (Jordan)

8:15 AM: Welcome Committee Update (Gibbons)

8:20 AM: Communications Update (Harkin)

8:25 AM: Beautification Update  (Hammill, Gaston)

8:25 AM: Events Committee Updates: Women’s Bike Race (Gaston), Kingston Spring Stroll (Addotta), Snowflake Festival (Jordan)

Community Discussion:
8:35 AM: Guest Speaker Kingston Mayor Steve Noble – 2021 Events and the Pandemic

8:45 AM: Q & A

8:55 AM: Kevin Quilty Announcement

9:00 AM: Meeting Adjourns

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